What are the primary Kama Sutra Sex Lessons that you can benefit from? What you'll learn is very similar to Tantra Lessons. (Click HERE if you're more interested in Tantra Lessons. Or if you'd like to take our complete free Kama Sutra Guided Tour from the beginning, click HERE.)

Because the Kama Sutra was a documentary of another time and place, not everything from this famous Hindu love-sex how-to manual applies today for modern Tantra Lessons. But if we take the pragmatic Tantric attitude of choosing what serves your pleasure and leaving the rest alone, the Kama Sutra offers a wealth of sex tips and love life guidance.

Our list of the primary Kama Sutra Sex Lessons, some of which you've already read about it you're surfing through our Kama Sutra Tantra Lessons tour in order, contains...

Kama Sutra Sex Positive

As previously discussed, how accepting and embracing pleasure as a vital focus is so important and unique.

Kamasutra Sex Education

As previously discussed, how valuing sexual pleasure, learning about it, and share sex education is healthy.

Kama Sutra Sex Environment

Decorating your pleasure room and creating the mood most conducive to intimacy and passion.

Kama Sutra Sex Foreplay

Entering into loveplay thoroughly enough that both lovers, especially women who tend to heat slower, are really turned on.

Kamasutra Sex Techniques

A myriad of "Amorous Advances" which details embraces and caresses of hand and mouth.

Kama Sutra Sex Intercourse

Practice advice about methods of beginning and enjoying penetrative lovemaking which some call penis in vagina sex.

Kama Sutra Longer Sex

Methods of extending sexual intercourse and making sex last longer.

Kama Sutra Genital Size

A refreshingly graphic categorization of genital sizes of both men and women along with methods to compensate during sexual intercourse.

Kama Sutra Sex Positions

A thorough and exciting listing of dozens of postures for sexual intercourse, including ways to adjust for mismatched sexual anatomies.

Kama Sutra Oral Sex

Methods of sexual play using the lips, tongue, and mouth.

Kama Sutra Anal Sex

Introduction to the joys of anal play.

Kama Sutra Sex Problems

Pragmatic methods of dealing with sexual problems using technique, sex toys, and love potions.

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An Approach To Life

Maybe the biggest Kama Sutra Sex Lesson is about how to live life and approach human relations in a rational way. Sometimes that includes sex. Sometimes marriage. Sometimes it means group interactions.

Instead of being just a book of sex tips and gymnastic postures, the Kama Sutra makes it clear that technique is no substitute for passion. Sex, love, and intimacy need to be approached as an artistic ritual.

  • More like a ballet than a wrestling match.
  • More like a gourmet meal than a fast-food drive through.
  • More full-body sensual massage than a hand job.

Which reminds us of a poignant conversation with a sexually-free young woman who came to us to improve her sex life using Tantra. When we offered her a short tutorial on kissing, she said "I don't do that with men I fuck on the first date. It's too intimate."

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Learn Kama Sutra Tantra to improve your sex life
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