Kama Sutra Sex Foreplay is all about turning up the heat. Foreplay begins when the mind first contemplates sex, and takes hold when glances, words, or gestures express desire. Of course, to most of us foreplay suggests initial kissing, touching, and arousing.

As Vatsyayana states, "Because they belong to the same species, man and woman seek the same pleasure in sexual relations. This is why desire must first be stimulated by preliminary attentions." He writes about music and games that get lovers into the mood before retiring to the place for more physical contact. This certainly includes talking about sex, a long lost art of most modern lovers.

The Kama Sutra classifies all manner of embraces, kisses, and touches, as the next page on Kamasutra Sex Techniques explains. How to take clothes off, how to use fantasy, how to switch roles are just a few of its advices. Further, it gives detailed instructions about how to mold foreplay based on differing temperaments of one's lover.

The ancient text places strong emphasis on teaching a man to think of a woman's pleasure first before his own. As it says... "A woman being of a tender nature wants tender beginnings."

In general, women heat up more slowly than men. Though there are always exception to every rule, it's common knowledge that, as a result, the average woman doesn't get enough foreplay. Our pages entitled Kama Sutra Men and Kama Sutra Women shed further light on this difference.

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Has this foreplay gap been true in your life? Have you learned to love foreplay as much as anything else?

As you read our Kama Sutra Tantra introductions, ebooks, and ecourses, you'll find the word loveplay more often than foreplay. That's because Tantrikas learn to propel their excitement to the stratosphere from the slightest sexual stimulation.

In spite of how fantastic they become through Tantric practice, we don't focus on Kama Sutra Intercourse as the main course or orgasm as the main goal. So we don't think of fore and aft, before and after. Our total attention is on maximum pleasure in the now.

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