What is this modern Kama Sutra Sex Fascination in the West with this once obscure sex manual?

Maybe it's because of the forthrightness of Vatsyayana, about things we're too ashamed or embarrassed to talk about today. Things like Kama Sutra Sex Positions and Kama Sutra Intercourse. He didn't pull any punches. The Kama Sutra was meticulous and graphic about seduction, foreplay, sex, and love relationships.

Maybe our curiosity in this old book of sayings stems from wishing we lived in Kama Sutra Sex Positive society, instead of one that doesn't accept, value, or embrace erotic play as an essential part of life.

Maybe we're all just craving the kind of initiation, indoctrination, and training in this vital part of life as they offered in ancient India, as described in Kamasutra Sex Education and in the movie, Kama Sutra. We expect that much of the great appeal of the Kama Sutra today is its down-to-earth advice about foreplay, extending the sex act, and giving maximum pleasure. As teenage hormones begin to rage, who wouldn't be captivated by the wide variety of embracing, petting, caressing, kissing, scratching, biting, and copulating that the historic volume detailed?

Maybe our Kama Sutra Sex Fascination comes from its thorough categorization of Kamasutra Sex Techniques. Things "nice girls" don't share much about today and, regardless of what they claim, few young guys in the locker room know what they're talking about. That includes prostitution, homosexuality, group sex, and cross-dressing.

We suspect that another reason for the Kama Sutra's modern popularity is the average man's insecurity about how to deal with the realities of sexual anatomy how to please women. Shocking even by today's standards was the classification of lovers according to several characteristics, including Kama Sutra Genital Size which defined differences in sexual anatomy.

It just doesn't take much exposure to spam or adult websites to recognize how many modern lovers believe that size matters, especially of the male sex organs. See Kama Sutra Genital Size to learn how they addressed this concern nearly two thousand years ago.

What was the culture like that this strange-by-today's-standards love manual grew out of? Click continue to read about Kama Sutra Sex Positive.

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