Kama Sutra Oral Sex wasn't given equal billing in the old days. For all his openness and support of a sensual love life, Vatsyayana still passed on some prejudices and judgments about oral play.

For example in the chapter on "Petting and Caresses" he writes "The people of the Lata country also lick the labia of the vagina, the crotch, the underside of the arms, and the pubis...in the heat of passion, and following local custom, people lick these parts and places, which does not, however, imply that everyone should do the same."

Not exactly an inspiring and passionate encouragement to learn to enjoy cunnilingus, giving oral pleasure to a woman using mouth, lips, and tongue. But we do recognize that not everyone has learned to passionately enjoy giving oral sex to either gender.

Not only was the discrimination of outlying provinces like "Lata" included, but equality regarding oral sex was sorely lacking. This is proved by the fact that he devotes an entire chapter to "Fellation," what modern lovers so affectionately call a blow job and only an occasional reference to women receiving.

If you're looking for a primer about "buccal coition," the Kama Sutra's name for fellatio, this chapter would be a great place to start until Jeffre and Somraj write their guide to Tantric Oral Sex. Back to the Kama Sutra, it guides lovers to "knead his thighs on the side of his intimate parts" and "touch the little bag belonging to the sexual region" until "managing to provoke an erection."

Then the ancient how-to guide details "eight ways of practicing this kind of contact." We much prefer "devouring" and "sucking the mango" over external and internal pinching. But, as they say, different strokes for different folks.

And, of course, no respectable sex book would omit 69, simultaneous oral sex. Being so respectable, rest assured that the Kama Sutra does include what it calls "the crow."

Kama Sutra Tantra extends this sex positive, whatever floats your cork attitude to oral sex. However, Instead of seeing it as merely foreplay, Tantric students learn to savor each other's juices as another way to amplify and spread sexual energy to create ecstatic states.

Certainly a learned art, Tantric Oral Sex takes practice both for giver and receiver. It's most delicious when lovers dedicate practice sessions to trying out new things and giving ample feedback on what works where and when. That's Tantra's approach to any kind of sexual play: consciousness, communication, cooperation.

Somraj wants to use the beer commercial motto for our upcoming book on Tantric Oral Sex... "tastes great, less filling." What do you think?

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