Kama Sutra Men explains why so much of the old text seems sexist by today's standards. And still what value we can glean from its forthright advice on how they played the games of love back then.

Ancient India was a male dominated culture. Families were patriarchal, led by the man of the house. Consequently, the Kamasutra was written more for men than for women. In fact, one of the chapters of Part One is entitled "The Conduct Of The Well-Bred Townsman."

The part about "Acquiring a Wife" is twice as long as the "Duties and Privileges of the Wife." And the latter is decidedly male centric. In fact, it was socially acceptable that men with the means and inclination could have more than one wife. The Kamasutra devotes a chapter to the behavior of the "chief wife" and "other wives."

Though Part Five is about "Other Men's Wives," it offers advice to both sexes about how to decide, approach, and engage in affairs outside of marriage. If you put aside the morality of sex for profit for a moment, you can also see that Part Six "About Courtesans" offered practical guidance for women to manage the three aims of life.

On the other hand, the Kama Sutra gave men valuable tools to better please women. It urged adequate Kama Sutra Foreplay, developed skill in touching, kissing, and embracing, and guided the awkward man how to make love more sensuously and erotically. See Kama Sutra Genital Size to understand how men concerned with penis size can compensate. See Kama Sutra Longer Sex for its emphasis on extending lovemaking. See Kama Sutra Sex Problems to learn how it helped men deal with sexual conditions and limitations.

Understanding that ancient India had very different social structure than life in today's West, hopefully we can look past Vatsyayana's support of the common practice, today viewed as unjust, of men taking advantage of women. Without condoning this inequality, we can see how study and practice of the Kama Sutra did and still does benefit women.

Of course, in Kama Sutra Tantra men learn to honor and respect the Goddess power within each woman. We're not talking about roles or power structures of life here,. Rather, we teach men to appreciate that an empowered female lover who revels in her body and welcomes sexual pleasure helps create a circle of orgasmic energy that catapults both lovers to amazing heights of ecstasy. This is where the equality of the sexes plays its part in modern Tantra.

See Kama Sutra Women to continue.

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