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Kama Sutra, Kamasutra, Karma Sutra, you see the venerated book of love rules called many things.

We expect you're more interested in our Kama Sutra Sex Lessons where you'll read about the importance of Kama Sutra Sex Foreplay and Kamasutra Sex Techniques. These pages introduce you to how the classic sex manual categorized, classified, and described dozens of forms of titillation from talking to kissing to biting.

Though the society of the times was largely male-dominated as explained in Kama Sutra Men, Vatsyayana's sex manual emphasized feminine pleasure. Foremost among his sexual advices was how men can extend lovemaking as described in Kama Sutra Longer Sex. In fact, Kama Sutra Women encouraged sexual practices lead by women.

Few people in the modern world have the depth of experience to truly understand the characteristics and range of configurations of the bodies of the opposite sex, primarily their private parts. Which is why this ancient love guide stands out in its classification and description of Kama Sutra Genital Size. Much of the practical advice about Kama Sutra Intercourse is based on the wide range of inventive and sometimes seemingly impossible Kama Sutra Sex Positions.

Even in such a sex positive culture as ancient India, it's obvious from Vatsyayana's writing that public opinion of acceptable practices stilled prevailed. Though addressed to some degree, homosexuality, Kama Sutra Oral Sex, and Kama Sutra Anal Sex were mentioned but downplayed.

The final section of the Kama Sutra deals with occult practices including potions, sexual magic, crafting and using dildos, as well as Kama Sutra Aphrodisiacs. Throughout, the text addresses how to increase pleasure for both men and women as well as addressing Kama Sutra Sex Problems.

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Learn Kama Sutra Tantra to improve your sex life

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