Kama Sutra Sexual Intercourse is really no better or different than any other kind. It's just that the venerated love skills book approaches this topic -- one that's hush hush in polite company -- more clearly and directly than anything else most of us have ever seen.

For example, when discussing when foreplay is sufficient, Vatsyayana writes "Knowing that he has reached his goal, he unites his rod with the woman." Pretty gross compared to the greater sense of awe and respect the typical Tantric adept uses when discussing sex. Of course, talking dirty turns many people on, and Tantra celebrates turn on from just about any source.

The Kama Sutra classifies sexual intercourse -- what Vatsyayana calls "union" -- based on the relative size of the unique penis and vagina involved. There you can read all about the nine different kinds of unions, especially "equal relations" with perfectly matched sizes and sexual temperaments.

You probably didn't need to read in the Kama Sutra that "In coupling, the friction of the man's member calms the woman's excitement."

You probably know how wonderful penetration feels, but did you ever wonder how well matched your and your beloved's jewels are? (Jewels are our Tantric name for genitals.) Those for whom sexual intercourse isn't always fantastic or doesn't easily or frequently result in simultaneous orgasm need to ask the question.

With so many different kinds of jewel matches, it figures that any particular couple's chances of a "perfect fit" are only one in nine. But don't give up sex yet! The good news is that the Kama Sutra tells you exactly how to compensate.

Much of the Hindu love guide's advice about lovemaking revolves around Kama Sutra Sex Positions for the union of equal and unequal sized jewels. But it does go further in offering ten forms of "virile copulation" which includes...

  • churning,
  • the devastator,
  • the thunderbolt,
  • the wild boar's thrust,
  • the bull's attack, and
  • the bird's amusement.

Don't you love those titles?

In the next page we'll look more deeply into the subject of Kama Sutra Sex Positions.

Learn Kama Sutra Tantra to improve your sex life

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