Kama Sutra Book shows how the original Kama Sutra volume is organized in seven parts. Parts and chapter titles follow in its table of contents.

Before reviewing this page and the rest of this guided tour, it may help you if you first understand the Hindu love guide's whole approach. In Chapter 2 of Part One of the Kama Sutra Book, Vatsyayana describes The Three Aims of Life which are...

  • Artha = material goods, means of survival
  • Dharma = ethical rules of social framework
  • Kama = pleasure.

The Kama Sutra Book, though primarily about the third, was firmly set within the context of artha and dharma as well.

Kama Sutra Book Part One: General Remarks

  • Contents of the Book
  • The Three Aims of Life
  • The Acquisition of Knowledge
  • Conduct of the Well-Bred Townsman
  • Reflections on Intermediaries Who Assist the Lover in His Enterprise

Kama Sutra Book Part Two: Amorous Advances

  • Stimulation of Erotic Desire
  • Embraces
  • Petting and Caresses
  • The Art Of Scratching
  • Biting
  • On Copulation and Special Tastes
  • Blows and Sighs
  • Virile Behavior in Women
  • Superior Coition or Fellation
  • Preludes and Conclusions to the Game of Love

Kama Sutra Book Part Three: Acquiring a Wife

  • Forms of Marriage
  • How to Relax the Girl
  • Ways of Obtaining the Girl
  • How To Manage Alone
  • Union by Marriage

Kama Sutra Book Part Four: Duties & Privileges Of The Wife

  • Conduct of the Only Wife
  • Conduct of The Chief Wife and Other Wives

Kama Sutra Book Part Five: Other Men's Wives

  • Behavior of Woman and Man
  • Encounters to Get Acquainted
  • Examination of Sentiments
  • The Task of the Go-Between
  • The King's Pleasures
  • Behavior in the Gymnasium

Kama Sutra Book Part Six: About Courtesans

  • Advice of the Assistants on the Choice of Lovers
  • Looking for a Steady Lover
  • Ways of Making Money
  • Renewing Friendship with a Former Lover
  • Occasional Profits
  • Profits and Losses: Reflections on Doubts Concerning the Advantages and Disadvantages of Relations

Kama Sutra Book Part Seven: Occult Practices

  • Success in Love
  • Arousing a Weakened Sexual Power

What are the most prominent things the modern student of sacred sexuality can learn from these seven parts? Read the Kama Sutra Lessons that follow to understand.

Learn Kama Sutra Tantra to improve your sex life

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