Kama Sutra Aphrodisiacs is the main subject of the last part of the text, focused on Occult Practices. Some of the sex advice is pretty occult, we'd have to say. For example, "By holding in one's left hand a peacock's or hyena's eye, wrapped in gold, one finds success in love."

Kama Sutra Tantra certainly supports anything that aids success in love. We personally know of the power of aphrodisiacs. Unfortunately, the Kama Sutra's recommendations are often obscure, recommending substances we either don't know or have little chance of getting a hold of. Just a small sampling of the less than easy to understand ones includes milk hedge, snake's saffron, sparrow eggs, powdered peacock or falcon bone, vulture flesh, or ram's testicles.

Darn, I just used my last ram's testicle in a fruit smoothie drink.

The "Success In Love" chapter advises all sorts of potions that are designed for bewitching, subjugating, submitting, good luck, captivating luster, musical radiance, invisibility, impotence, vigor, virility, sexual prowess, erotic strength, fame, and longevity.

Does this one interest any of you guys at all: "If a man anoints his penis with datura, black pepper, and long pepper, crushed and mixed with honey, its use will allow him to bewitch and subjugate his partners."

Our favorites, from a purely scientific point of view of course, are those that allow any man to possess innumerable women. The commentary mentions that drinking this mixture will make a man able to sleep with thousands of women who, in the end, will ask for pity. Well that settles it, I'm doing a web search for snake's saffron right now.

The recipe for a real intoxicating-sounding potion concludes with "Mixing these powdered ingredients with monkey's dung, if one sprinkles a girl with it, she will feel no attraction for anyone else." If any of you reading this are so moved, and you have access to ample quantities of monkey's dung, please let us know if it really works.

While we may scoff at the exotic herbs and outrageous claims, we should remind ourselves that there are many drugs and medicines occurring naturally that scientists have yet to discover. Some of these strange concoctions must have had some of the desired affect or they wouldn't have been documented in such a scholarly volume as the Kama Sutra.

There is a branch of Kama Sutra Tantra that uses sexual magic. These practices usually focus sexual energy into the higher energy centers to amplify a person's confidence, power, or ability to manifest what they want in life. Fueling higher consciousness is central to the whole evolution of Tantra.

The Occult Practices section of this web journey, concludes with a chapter about Kama Sutra Sex Problems. Click continue for your final installment.

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