Jeffre and SomrajOur FREE Tantra Training Consult is a confidential half-hour telephone discussion with us, the Supreme Bliss Tantra experts, Jeffre and Somraj, where we'll answer your questions about how Supreme Bliss Tantra can transform your sex life, love life, and spiritual life.

If you're seriously thinking about attending Supreme Bliss Tantra training and interested in...

  • learning to make love for hours with Tantric Sex,
  • merging spirit into your sex life and heart into your love life,
  • supercharging your passion with multiple full-body cosmic orgasms,
  • rekindling the fire and intimacy in your long-term relationship

then we'll be happy to talk with you, answer your questions, and explain what we do. Then you can make a more informed decision about your best options. And we can suggest the fastest and least expensive ways for you to proceed.

If you're serious, then we invite you to click here to register for our FREE Tantra Training Consult.

Why Would You Want To Talk With Us?

We understand that taking a workshop from Tantra At Tahoe's unique training academy is a stretch for many people. We understand that the whole idea of Tantric Sex is daunting for many and raises anxieties, fears, and red flags for some. We also recognize that suggesting that sex and spirit are together an integral part of life flies in the face of many religious and cultural beliefs.

Please believe that we don't want to shock or change you. We simply want to share with you some life-changing tools that have transformed our lives. We believe that you can get everything you've ever dreamed of if you take charge and decide what's right for you.

What Is Our FREE Training Q & A Session?

That's why we want to talk to you before you've decided what to do. We can...

  • Couple in Tantra Training ConsultUnderstand what you'd like to learn or change,
  • Show you how Supreme Bliss Tantra can help you change and grow,
  • Explain what we do in our Private Tantra Workshops and what your role is,
  • Answer your questions about what you'll need to do.
  • Discuss your options and recommend the best for to get everything you want.

If you're willing to tell us a little about what you want, what you already know, and what you've already tried, we can get right to the point. We can answer your questions about sex, love, and spirit. We can suggest how we can add to your repertoire and how we can help you sort out issues.

3 Simple Requirements To Make This $100 Service FREE

Our half-hour Tantra Training Consult is truly free, without obligation, for singles or couples sincerely interested in our Private Tantra Workshop training programs. All we ask is that...

  • You do your best to be open and honest about what you need and want.
  • If you're in relationship, you participate together.
  • You make and keep a firm telephone appointment with us.

NOTE: If you miss your appointment without giving us 48 hours notice, you may be charged our regular fee of $100 for your Tantra Training Consult.

Register Here For Your FREE Half-Hour Tantra Training Consult

EmailClick here to register by email, letting us know...

  • That you agree to our 3 Simple Requirements above.
  • When you're available to talk during the next week.
  • What Supreme Bliss Tantra training you're interested in and why.
  • Give us a little background about your current personal, spiritual, and relationship situation.

PhoneIf we're at home, we'll get back to you right away and make an appointment. If we're traveling, please be patient until we have a chance to check our email. If you don't hear and you're in a hurry, click here to try to reach us by phone on Somraj's private line.

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