Tantra Teachers You Can Trust

Jeffre and Somraj, your Supreme Bliss Tantra teachersThe Tantra Teachers from Tantra At Tahoe, that's us Jeffre and Somraj, are Tantric masters who can guide you in learning spiritual sex, sacred sexuality, and Tantric Sex for personal growth and relationship harmony.

We know your choice of Tantra instructor and Tantric Sex educator is as critical as it's dicey. To expose yourself emotionally, reveal yourself spiritually, engage in intimate exercises in front of an authority takes courage and commitment.

That's why this page of our Explore Tantra Online Guided Tour which starts on our Explore Tantra page will help you make an informed, inspired decision. Of course, we hope you choose us because we want to be your Supreme Bliss Tantra Teachers.

As well, we'll explain that what's more important to us than being authorities in our field and well-read authors is that we care about our clients personal lives, hopes, and aspirations. Yes, we're highly-trained professionals, but what's most important for you to know is that we're real people who will listen and understand you, keep your innermost thoughts in the strictest of confidence, and share with you our personal experiences, good and bad.

We promise you'll have as much fun learning Supreme Bliss Tantra with us as we do. And that's a lot of joy, a lot of pleasure, and, oh yeah, a lot of orgasms.

Choosing A Supreme Bliss Tantra Teacher

Of course, you want to choose a Tantra instructor and Tantric Sex mentor who you feel has something to contribute to your sex life, love life, and spiritual life. We believe wholeheartedly in our approach as Tantra teachers, trainers, coaches, and mentors. You wouldn't want it any other way, would you?

Reach For Stars by learning Tantra and Tantric SexBecause studying and practicing sacred sex is first a personal spiritual experience, the decision has to be personal. Even if your life partner is hot to trot with a Tantric authority, the choice has to feel right to you, too. For example, any qualified expert you choose will give you some erotic practices and spiritual rituals to do. For them to have some meaningful impact on you, who they're coming from and how they reach you has to resonate with your body, mind, and soul.

Remember, your relationship with a guru, teacher, master, hands-on coach, or even author will be highly intimate, even though there may be no physical contact. So don't make this critical choice in your spiritual development just with your head.

We recommend that first you get in touch with what you're seeking to change or improve. Then, look inside, listen to inner voice, and use gut feel and intuition to sense...

  • Who makes you feel seen and loved in their presence?
  • Which guru do you most resonate with?
  • Which expert or master most inspires your trust?
  • Which teacher are you most drawn?
  • What does your heart tell you?
  • Which coach could best mentor you?

From that vantage point, identify who you FEEL can best help you get what you want.

Our Supreme Bliss Tantra Workshops Are Personalized Trainings

Private Tantra Workshops from Tantra At TahoeLive Tantra training is essential so we can teach you as quickly as possible to unleash the power of your untapped sexual energy within yourself and channel dormant life forces with a partner. Being able to circulate sexual spiritual energy throughout your body, mind, and soul is the key to experiencing ecstatic sex, divine communion with your beloved, and spiritual enlightenment.

Our Supreme Bliss Tantra workshops, trainings, and courses are designed completely around you: what you want, what you already know, what you're comfortable doing. That's why we prefer teaching Supreme Bliss Tantra personally, one-on-one or two-on-two, in a Private Tantra Workshop. In this way, you won't be distracted by other's problems, priorities, or personalities. Our 22 Private Tantra Workshops are tailored to your needs, interests, concerns, and background.

Of Course We Want You To Choose Us

Free Tantra Training Consult from Tantra At TahoeAs co-directors of Tantra At Tahoe since 1998, we've found the best way to launch new students on the path of Supreme Bliss Tantra is through a combination of at-home exercise followed by private training. Since Supreme Bliss Tantra starts solo and requires individual practice before extending to your partner, our first steps as your Tantra Teachers can be to guide you long-distance by email and telephone.

The way we present and teach Supreme Bliss Tantra isn't an automated, robotic process. So expect that, when the time is right, we'll want to talk with you personally. That's why we offer our FREE Tantra Training Consult to anyone who's seriously interested in studying with us.

A Few Of Our Qualifications To Be Your Tantra Instructors

With over 70 years combined experience teaching, counseling, and coaching, we bring a wealth of modern and ancient know-how to your unique needs. Here are a few of our professional qualifications...

  • Jeffre & Somraj, Tantra TeachersWe've written 12 books and dozens of training programs.
  • We have decades of experience in psychotherapy and other energy healing methods.
  • We each have graduate degrees which have only served as the launching point for our continuing advanced education.
  • We've taught over 20,000 in Tantra, people skills, energy medicine, and personal growth workshops.

The startling results that our clients report are testimony to how skillfully we apply the principles and practices of Supreme Bliss Tantra to every individual's personal and relationship situation.

You're probably wondering how we Teach Tantra. Click continue to find out.

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