Tantra Love Is An Ecstatic Journey

Tantric CoupleTantra Love is an ecstatic journey when you explore and practice sacred Spiritual Sexuality with your love partner. Lovers who discover the magic and power of Tantric ritual can only deepen their Tantra Love, juice up their sex life, and enjoy endless pleasure communing with Spirit.

Combined with Tantra Love sex becomes an exquisite meditation, a communion with all that is.

Tantra Love and Tantra Intimacy go together like peanut butter and jam. One without the other is okay, but together, they are dynamite. Tantra Intimacy is the ability to love yourself and be honest with your partner in respectful and honoring ways. It is allowing your beloved to practice in-to-me-you-see. Tantra Intimacy enhances love while taking love to profound depths. Tantra intimacy is a natural adjunct to Tantric Love.

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Tantric Sex Fuels Tantric Love

A Tantrika is someone who practices Tantra. Tantric Love is that which grows between two Tantrikas, moves through sensual Tantra Love and into Tantra Love and sex. Although sex is not the only focus of the Tantric  path, Tantric  Sex generates large amounts of energy which fuels Tantra Love and the energetic connection to the Divine. Tantrics believe that sex is a divine gift of the gods and we, humans, can enjoy sex for our health, our pleasure, and our spiritual growth. 

When we start to talk about Tantric Love and sex, words are often inadequate. Love is intangible but clearly felt and Tantric Sex falls in much the same category. Tantra Love sex is the floating and soaring a Tantric  adept feels in the process of making Tantra Love where sexual union supports each lover maintaining a state of meditation and ecstasy.

This may sound unusual or even a little weird, but believe us, sex with Tantra Love is the most delicious experience imaginable. Actually, the experience is beyond your wildest dreams. Tantra Lovemaking pushes your energetic boundaries to expand and opens your senses wide, allowing you to feel the ultimate oneness with your lover and the Divine. You truly become One with everything.

Tantra Love Training Makes You One With Everything

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Tantra Love Is Conscious Loving

Some have called Tantra Love, conscious loving. This is a beautiful description, because the practice of Tantra expands your consciousness as well as your abilities to love. Needless to say, this promotes conscious love and a Tantric Love relationship.

The first and most important relationship is with yourself and your higher self. Tantra Love supports the building of this relationship as the foundation for loving others in an intimate and loving way. A Tantric  intimate can be a lover in the sexual sense or it can be an individual with whom you can explore and share an energetic connection.

Energy, or what we call orgasmic or sexual energy, is the fuel for all connection because we are each energy beings. Using Tantric techniques, the Tantrika generates and moves energy into, within, and from their body. This opens options to enjoy Tantric sensual love with yourself (we call it self-pleasuring) or with another. Although sexual union may occur, Tantric Love and ecstasy can occur without it.

Conscious Love Builds Greater Pleasure & Sexual Healing

As the orgasmic energy builds during lovemaking, your system clears and sexual healing can take place. With a clear energy system, not only will your pleasure and ecstasy be greater, your consciousness, your awareness will grow and expand. It follows that your Tantric Love will also grow in consciousness.

Tantra LoveSo conscious love promotes deeper love and appreciation and more delicious hot sex with Tantric  Intimacy. Conscious love is love that is really big and takes in the enormousness of the universe and our life within it. Conscious love is love that is aware that all actions have reactions and consequences and that love is of a very high order. Tantric Love training gives you the capacity to play and live joyfully with the freedom that is your birthright.

You can have it all, Tantra Intimacy, deep connection with Spirit, and the hottest sex you've ever experienced. Can anything be better than that?

A Tantric Love relationship exudes the passion for life that a strong connection with Spirit reflects. A relationship full of Tantra Love and Tantric  Intimacy cannot only be playful and  passionate but can only grow in the fullness of great love and mind blowing sexual encounters.

If you haven't already, be sure to check out the Tantra Couple page for additional Tantra Love relationship information.

The Most Fun You Can Have

A Tantra Intimate can be the love of your life or someone special you feel connected to. This Tantric  Intimacy grows and promotes love in all its forms. This Tantric Love relationship may be your spouse, a mentor, or your very best friend. Gender identification is irrelevant if the two of you are generating intense Tantra relationship energy. Whether or not you have genital contact, you can move the orgasmic energy and transform yourself into a cosmic being.

Although it is clearly possible to feel orgasmic energy and experience orgasm without genital touching, let’s be up front. Tantrikas love sex and Tantra teaches you to love sex, because sex is part of the whole of who we are. All-That Is, God, or Great Spirit, or whatever name you use for the universal order, created us humans, whole and beautiful.

Tantric Sex is not only the most fun available to us, but it is the essence of who we are. Sexual union was responsible for our creation. How can it be possible that our cultural mores have taught us that sex is evil and pleasure is perverted. Who’s perverted?

Tantra LoveLove Life, Love Love, Love Sex

A Tantrika loves life, loves love, loves sex, because it is all part of the divine perfection of life. In Supreme Bliss Tantra, we teach you to love yourself, your life, your body and your pleasure, learning to put your ecstatic union with Universal Source in the top priority spot.

If you’re ready for the ecstatic life of Tantra Love and Tantra Love Sex, our Supreme Bliss Tantra ebook is a must. It is a self-guided home study course through the foundational practices of Tantra in a flexible format that you can use over and over again to celebrate your Tantric Love and pleasure without ever getting bored.

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