Our Tantra Home Courses, Online Classes, Private Lessons, and Do-It-Yourself Self-Study Use Our Ebooks, Ecourses, & Lessons

Couple Tantra Home CourseOur Supreme Bliss Tantra Home Courses, Online Classes, Half-Hour Private Tantra Lessons, and Do-It-Yourself Tantra Self-Study are four ways we can will help you get everything you've ever dreamed of to...

  • Supercharge the sensations in your body for multiple, cosmic, full-body orgasms,
  • Transform your relationship intimacy into a deep spiritual rapture,
  • Make each lovemaking session an endless, unforgettable, ecstatic high
  • Merge sex with spirit so that you connect at multiple levels and with the divine.

We've made a huge amount of our material available for do-it-yourself self-study so you can learn and practice on your own in the privacy of your own home. Click here to see the advantages of home self study.

Until you're ready to visit us in Truckee near beautiful Lake Tahoe, California for your own Private Tantra Workshop, the long-distance versions of our transformative Supreme Bliss Tantra ebooks, ecourses, and training will help you learn what you want quickly and inexpensively.

This section of our free Explore Tantra Online Guided Tour (starting on our Explore Tantra page) will show you what you can do on your own in the privacy of your home. Here are are 4 kinds of Tantra Home Courses...

Four Kinds Of Tantra Home Courses

#1: Do-It-Yourself Supreme Bliss Tantra Self-Study

Tantra Home Course Self-StudyOur Do-It-Yourself Supreme Bliss Tantra Self-Study Courses come in the form of comprehensive ebooks that give you the extensive information, graphic pictures, and step-by-step instructions that you need to get started on your own Supreme Bliss Tantra Self-Study program right away.

Our ebooks are computer files that you download from our site and transfer to your computer in just a matter of minutes. Then you can read them on screen or print out your own hard copy. You can download any one or all of them immediately for just a few dollars safely and securely from our state-of-the-art shopping cart.

For free pages that reveal many of the secrets contained in our ebooks, select the title from the Tantra E-Books list under the top Ebooks & Ecourses tab on any page.

Save Up to $45

Click here for more information and immediate download for any of our Supreme Bliss Tantra Ebooks.

Supreme Bliss Tantra Ebook LibraryClick here for money-saving discount ebook packages when you get more than one ebook at the same time.

Click here to get our complete Tantric Sex Library and save $45.

#2: Supreme Bliss Tantra Online Classes

We call our growing list of Supreme Bliss Tantra Online Classes "ecourses." Each ecourse contains about half-a-dozen short online written lessons that cut to the core of a Spiritual Sex principle or Tantric Sex skill. With minimum explanation, our ecourses get right to step-by-step exercises so you're practicing new techniques and learning new tools in no time. Once you register for a few dollars, you can access each lesson from our site, transfer them to your computer, or print them out for easy self-study. Our Supreme Bliss Tantra Online Classes are condensed versions of our extensive ebooks.

For free pages that explain what you'll learn in each ecourse, select the title from the Tantra E-Courses list under the top Ebooks & Ecourses tab on any page.

#3: Half-Hour Private Tantra Lessons

Private Tantra Lesson by JeffreThe most personalized form of long-distance Supreme Bliss Tantra training is with our half-hour telephone Private Tantra Lessons. You get direct access to the masters of Spiritual Sex and Tantric Sex for one high-powered topic or a continuing program. You can either choose the specific skill of each session or let your Supreme Bliss Tantra guru take you through a series of Private Tantra Lessons as part of mastering a larger technique. You can also choose either Jeffre or Somraj as your coach for each half-hour phone session. If you're interested in attending one of our Private Tantra Workshops, this is a great way to get an inexpensive introduction to our Tantric Sex, Kama Sutra Tantra, Supreme Bliss Tantra, or Spiritual Sexuality Workshops.

#4: Supreme Bliss Tantra Discount Home Course Packages

Our best Supreme Bliss Tantra Home Courses -- the most in-depth that save you the most money -- are two deep discount packages that combine our ebooks with an ecourse and private phone lesson. Click on the program that most interests you...

to help you discover how to use Supreme Bliss Tantra to transform your sex life, your love life, and your spiritual life. Each discount package includes our full Tantric Sex Ebook Library, a Tantric Sex Assess intro telephone consultation, a Tantric Sex Muscle Ecourse, plus one month of unlimited email support. The primary difference in the two programs is your focus: Tantra or sex.

Advantages Of Long-Distance Supreme Bliss Tantra Online Self-Teaching Home Study Courses For Your Own Distance Learning

Tantra Home Course Self-StudyUndoubtedly the best way to learn Supreme Bliss Tantra is by personally studying with Spiritual Sex gurus and Tantric Sex masters like us. This takes time, money, and commitment. A great way to decide what's right for you and get ready is through long-distance online self-study.

Here are some of the advantages of our do-it-yourself home courses and online training classes...

  • It's fun and easy,
  • You get inexpensive access to the Supreme Bliss Tantra experts,
  • Our step-by-step directions make it real clear how to try and learn new moves,
  • You don't have to take the time and money to travel away from home,
  • It adds tools and skills to your sexual repertoire,
  • The schedule and timeframe are totally under your control,
  • We help you create the focus and discipline to communicate, play, and experiment with Spiritual Sex,
  • There's no need to expose yourself or be intimate in front of others,
  • It adds variety, new games, and exciting things that juice up your sex life.

Our long-distance home study ways to learn Supreme Bliss Tantra are specifically designed for you to get started transforming your sex life, love life, and spiritual life easily, safely, and inexpensively.

More About Long-Distance Supreme Bliss Tantra

Newsletter ArticlesYou can read more about our do-it-yourself approach to self-study if you click here for our April May 2002 newsletter article about Long Distance Supreme Bliss Tantra.

All in all, we believe that our approach to Long-Distance Tantra lets you take small, manageable, personalized, and affordable steps toward your vision of transforming your sex life, love life, and spiritual life.

Let us know how we can aid you on your path to a bright sacred sexual future.

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