Your Tantra Newsletter: Which Fork Do You Choose in the Road to Orgasm?

There Are Different Paths to Different Kinds of Orgasms

Tantra promotes pleasure in all the phases of life. When it comes to sex, that includes heartily celebrating orgasms of all kinds.

Yes, there are different ways to come. We’re not just referring to orgasming by yourself or with a partner. There are dozens of sweet spots you can titillate to trigger a climax, some naturally and others with practice. Singly or together for a more resounding blended explosion.

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Sacred Sexual Secrets Newsletter #301 published 01/31/2019

Published by Somraj Pokras & Jeffre TallTrees

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Of course, you don’t have to orgasm to have fun, share your love, and end up feeling great. But when you feel the urge to go over the top, you’ll encounter a major fork in the road. Simply, you can decide whether you want to reach for a big explosion or pace yourself so your every sensation is orgasmic for as long as you want.

That’s the pot of gold at the end of the Supernatural Sex rainbow: staying super excited for minutes or even hours. That is, if you choose the long road instead of the quickie one. 

The Tension-Release Fork


Let’s look first at the quickie fork that releases your sexual tension. It will help to understand a little about the breakthroughs of the famed sex researchers Masters and Johnson who studied orgasms in the laboratory in the 1960s. They found that lovers go through four physiological phases when engaging in sex…

  1. arousal when you first get turned-on and start building sexual tension,
  2. plateau when your sexual response slows and the tension levels off making you push for more as soon as possible, 
  3. orgasm when you release the tension in a blaze of glory, and 
  4. resolution when your metabolism returns to normal.

These four phases are the natural formula for a quickie when you’re rushing to get off. Totally wonderful when you’re so hot you can’t stand waiting another microsecond. At least, it’s wonderful when you’re masturbating. 

But what if one partner, typically the horny guy, chooses the quick-release path while his partner needs longer to climax? You’re probably aware that most men can come in a few minutes while most women take 20 to 40 minutes of the right kind of stimulation in an ideal setting. This too often results in the orgasm gap when the female partner doesn’t get there. 

Sure, the one who came can use hands, mouth, or toys to finish the other off.  Or wait until the resolution phase passes and the guy recovers. This later option doesn’t work well for us since Somraj has trouble recharging his sensitivity and hardness within a reasonable timeframe.

Don’t get us wrong? Releasing all your tension in a flash bang is a wonderful thing at the right time. If you can recover quickly and easily enjoy multiple orgasms, by all means go for it. But if you want to feel those delightful orgasmic sensations for much longer, you’ll want to choose the supernatural fork. 

The Supernatural Fork


The supernatural fork is all about maximizing and extending the flood of sexual energy, or what the ancients called kundaliniTantric Pathways defines this as…

The electromagnetic life force in the human body responsible for attraction, sexual desire, libido, sex drive, turn-on, and orgasm. Lovers experience it as a flow of nervous stimulation, physical excitation, and moving sensations. 

When you’re hot to trot and do whatever it takes to get turned on, you’re building kundalini inside your body. Of course, if you’re a horny guy like Somraj, it usually starts in the groin. Heart-centered lovers who feel love first might feel it expanding from the heart. 

Sex is all about expanding kundalini and enjoying the wonderful sensations it creates. But as your kundalini expands up from your pelvis and rises, you arrive at the fork in the orgasmic road. 

Do you want to explode or keep feeling this way and let the feelings intensify?

We use the term “explosion” to describe orgasms that release the tension that kundalini can create. The supernatural fork chooses the “implosion” option. That means you still feel all the earth-shaking sensations of climax as the energy erupts. But it erupts inside your body so you don’t waste the orgasmic energy. 

You might call it a “green orgasm” since it’s the foremost and most natural way to practice recycling. 

Actually, what happens inside when you implode is more relevant than its color. What happens is the energy blossoms, spreads, and fills your whole body. We call that an energy orgasm

Wouldn’t you like to be able those peak sensations everywhere instead of just in your crotch? That’s the appeal of choosing the supernatural fork.

How to Choose the Energy Orgasm Fork


Triggering a resounding series of energy orgasms requires that you avoid succumbing to the urge to come immediately in the plateau phase. You instead choose to extend the plateau phase as long as you want. 

That’s the theory anyway. How to do it starts with the simplest and often most challenging technique when you’re so turned-on. Namely, you relax while you’re stroking or being stroked. 

Clearly, relaxation is the opposite of tension. But how can you relax when all your instincts are making your body tense up?

That’s where the fundamental practices of Tantra can help. Tantra is the ancient art and science of using kundalini to expand your consciousness. The fundamental practices that we’re referring to are… 

  1. breath, 
  2. sound, and 
  3. movement. 

It’s natural for our breathing to get shallow and choppy when the tension builds. So kundalini management begins by learning to breathe slowly and deeply. Try it when you’re playing with yourself or being played with. As the first tickles of sensation surface and the pleasure blossoms, breathe like this to relax your nerves and muscles. 

Another natural thing that happens as we approach orgasm is to moan, cry out, or even scream. This is one way that your body tries to release the tension. But if you add deep sighs and growing moans to your slow deep breathing earlier in the arousal cycle, you’ll spread the excitement and tense up less. 

It’s interesting to note that women tend to make more noise during sex than the average guy. Couple that with the fact that the average guy comes more quickly than the average women. We’re not saying that sounding off is the total cause of this difference but it’s an interesting correlation.

So when you feel yourself tense up as your excitement builds, let it out by vocalizing how you’re feeling. The vibration in your throat attracts the kundalini around your pelvis and helps you relax and spread the feelings. 

Moving is The Third Key


The third key is moving, both inside and out. If you stay totally still, the kundalini pools in a small space in your crotch. It gets so intense that tension is unavoidable. 

But if you move your body, your muscles will tend to let the energy flow. Shining and undulating loosens the stuck energy that makes tension solidify. Again, moving slowly instead of rapidly will keep your excitement from spilling over into a premature climax. But more importantly staying loose and flexible lets the kundalini spread out.

To truly master energy sex, toning your pelvic muscles is also vital. That’s because when the tension builds down there, it spurs contractions that release a man’s ejaculation and a woman’s explosive climax.

We usually call them the PC muscles where the P stands for the pubic bone above your jewels (genitals) and the C stands for the coccyx, the bottom of your spine above your butt crack. The PC muscles snake around below your jewels at the pelvic floor.

PC exercises help you strengthen the muscles which make orgasms stronger. As well, they tone the muscles so you can relax them at will when the tension becomes troublesome. 

Any of the three can help you trigger energy orgasms. But using breath, sound, and movement together is a reliable prescription for raising and spreading your kundalini. That’s where full-body orgasms come from.

And did we mention that conserving your energy by relaxing instead of exploding right off the bat also allows you to repeat the whole process? Full-body orgasms are so great that you won’t want to settle for just one. 

That’s why we call it supernatural sex. But if you want to ignore the hype of overblown promises for a moment, consider this simple bottom line. Choosing the supernatural fork lets guys last longer so their women have the time to go over the top. 

Love, Somraj and Jeffre 


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This is the adult educational journal of where anyone can post what’s up in their sex life. And what’s down. Here we post our experiences and encourage you to do the same. Did you have a great time list night? A lousy time? A troubling time? Tell us in graphic detail. We want to know and help. This isn’t porno, it’s sex education. Freely post your questions and we’ll do our best to answer them. And at the same time we can all learn to be more open about this vital part of everyone’s life. 




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