Using Your Hands on the Bulb Erogenous Zone

After making love for a while last night, I got a little soft. Nothing really to worry about because now that I’m 70 I can’t always depend on my erections like I could when I was a teenager. Since Jeffre obviously wasn’t done, I used a Hand Assist. That’s where you hold your vajra (or his vajra, the Tantric word for penis) with your hand. Squeezing vajra’s base with your fingers or a ring made with your thumb and index finger makes him harder just like a cock ring does.

By the way we introduced the idea of the Hand Assist in our June 2004 newsletter entitled The Explicit Joys Of Digital Sex. Digital here refers to your digits, not the internet. It also appears prominently in our new ebook Long Hot Tantric Love Making.

I knew Jeffre was loving the deeper penetration when she squealed and pushed back. Though that made me hard enough to carry on hands-free, we were having so much fun that I continued aiming my vajra towards the 9 erogenous zones inside her yoni (vagina). Targeting these intense pleasure spots during jewel union (sexual intercourse) is a vital part of bringing women to orgasm as explained in depth in our new ebook. But I found that my aim was so much better for her and exciting for me with a Hand Assist.

That’s when I realized that I was grabbing vajra’s bulb to better steer the action. The bulb, one of a man’s 9 primary erogenous zones, is the root of the erection that lies underneath and below his balls. A hard-0n is anchored to the body through this root which you can feel if you carefully press between and beyond his testicles. Just be sure you don’t squeeze the tender balls while you’re exploring. You already know that it’s a rare fellow who gets turned-on by being kicked there.

Using a Hand Assist on vajra’s bulb gave me so much more dexterity to bring her pleasure. It reminded me of witnessing the highly-skilled bull elephant at the San Francisco zoo who mounted his mate. Even though he couldn’t see down there beneath those wide bodies, he somewhere directed his huge member right where she needed it. This was in front of my little kids I might add that I wasn’t ready for at such a tender age of 30.

Anyway, I’ve always remembered that “prehensile prick” and wanted to be able to target yoni’s inner recesses with such orgasmic radar. Maybe my newfound bulb Hand Assist will do the trick.

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