One Easy Tip For Lasting Longer While Thrusting Inside (X-Rated)

Used to be it didn’t take me too many sexual thrusts before I came. While engaged last night I realized how far I’ve come. I mean what I learned so I don’t come until we’re both ready.

To overcome premature ejaculation one thing sexologists recommend is gauging your arousal on a 10-point scale. At 1 you don’t feel much and at 10 you explode. When you get too close, you change your thrusts or rhythm or stop if necessary. (This is one of the techniques in my Male Multiple Orgasm book.

I was pretty sensitive last night and rapidly reached an 8. Without thinking I naturally did one thing my book suggests, namely I shifted  the depth of my vajra’s (penis’s) strokes.

You see, Jeffre’s tight yoni (vagina) sphincters were rubbing and squeezing two sensitive erogenous zones on vajra’s head and crown. At that early point in our lovemaking this was pushing me too close to the edge approaching 10.

So I started thrusting deeper which redirected her muscle spasms around the shaft and base of my erection. Typically after about a half hour of thrusting these pleasure zones become much more responsive. But at this early point it just felt good and not overwhelming.

Though I pulled out to that most exciting sweet spot occasionally to give us both an intense jolt, I stayed deeper for the next few minutes to regulate my excitement. Sometimes I thrust all the way in hitting one of her three deepest erogenous zones which stimulated the three in the end of my vajra.

Of course, lots more happened. But I wanted to give you a taste of how I manage my turn-on so we can both have as much fun as we want and still be able to target a Big O when we’re both ready.

By the way, hitting all 28 male and female erogenous zones is a central theme of my new Long Hot Tantric Love Making ebook. Learn more about it (or download it instantly) in our free online guided tour by clicking here.

Love, Somraj

P.S. I’d love to read your comments or questions about all of this.

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