The Joys of Orgasm

If you know anything about Tantra, you’re aware that we focus on making pleasure last. That means we don’t make orgasms our goal. Though when we have them they’re uniquely powerful. That said, I wanted to share a post from Mariah Freya about the joys of orgasm.

Love, Somraj

—  written by Mariah Freya —

I am all about orgasm and how to tap into an ecstatic life.

I am not just doing it for my personal fun and pleasure. Also of course :-), but that’s only half the truth. I am doing it because I support simple human freedom that comes with this kind of work. I believe that liberating orgasm means liberating the very being, which then ripples with the same speed and effect into society. Meaning orgasms can breakthrough all global chains that are keeping love still on a short leash.

Let me remind you again why I am such a raving fan of this state of being:

Orgasm is your life source by human right. It’s that fountain of youth that is telling you to take a sip and heal your whole being from inside out.

Orgasm is that powerful engine in you, helping you manifest the life you desire. Orgasm is your inner drive that makes you go out on the street and march for what you believe in.

Orgasm is the rocket in you that can fly to other galaxies further than just Mars.

Orgasm is not just pleasure; it’s the highway to the divine if you are a curious seeker.

Orgasm is love in it’s rawest energy form, anytime available to make you drunken high and feeling naturally powerful from within (better than any drug out there).

And the awesome thing is: You ain’t gotta do anything for it. Because orgasm is always surrounding you, moving through you.

You just got to tap into the very moment of your human sensual experience, right now.

Feeling your body, smelling the air, tasting the food, kissing your partner, hearing the birds, touching your skin and singing into the sky. Just that.

This week I have an interview for you with the wonderful Dr. Andrea Pennington. She also committed her work as a doctor to improving self-confidence, health & relationships with orgasms. She prescribes orgasm for healing her patients, how awesome is that?! I am a fan.

Listen to our insightful talk here:


With orgasmic love,


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