Tantra Newsletter: Merging Sex, Love and Spirit through Tantra – 2

Tantra Doesn’t Divide Sex and Spirit, Orgasms and the Divine

Last month I sent you part 1 of this article. Here is the second half which dives into pleasure, love, and the merger of chakras energies.

(If you missed the first installment, you can read it in our archives here…   http://www.tantraattahoe.com/news/10272016.htm )


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Don’t you agree that you want all of your lifeforce energies alive and percolating when you couple? If something is bugging you, or if you have a desire that hasn’t been fulfilled, or if you don’t feel you have enthusiastic consent to take your relationship to a higher place, then you’ll have energy that’s not connecting with your partner’s.

To deal with disconnects, it helps to understand the role of pleasure in a Tantric life.

When you look at the choices you make, you’ll see that at some level you believe what you decide will make you feel better. But too often it doesn’t turn out that way.

To many people navigate through life based on what they think they’re supposed to do, what others want them to do, or what’s expected of them. That’s not how the Tantric attitude operates.

Instead of being motivated to avoid discomfort, embarrassment, or pain in life, Tantra guides us to directly and actively seek what makes us feel good. Cut out the middle man and go right for the gusto.

Which is why one of Tantra’s basic principles is, ”Nothing is more important than that you feel good right now.”

To do this you need to learn to heighten your experience of the moment, get in touch with your feelings, and judge what brings you pleasure. Then, according to the Tantric sages, your life will expand and evolve just the way you want it to.

Since many of us are programmed with a strong injunction against selfishness, this Tantric guideline is hard for many to swallow. We’re raised believing that thinking only of ourselves is a big sin. So we don’t put enough attention on our own mental health and physical well-being. As a result, we feel guilty when we look after ourselves or we do things that don’t bring us joy. Which makes us stressed, moody, grumpy, and resentful.

Tantra doesn’t encourage you to exclude other’s feelings, needs, and happiness. It just teaches that in order to help others, give emotional support, and be there for them, you’ve got to look after our own self first.

Only when you’re feeling good and your spirit is soaring can you truly love.

Wouldn’t it be better to be happy so you’re more able to cheer up everyone around you? Would you rather have a depressed lover who clings to you or an independent one who bubbles over with their zest for life and drags you forward instead of backwards?

That’s the spirit of Tantra in a relationship. Do your own personal work and grow spiritually so you can fully connect at body, mind, and soul with your beloved.


If you embrace the Tantric attitude described above, you’ll be much more lovable and capable of loving.

It’s a Tantric truth that one who seeks love with a mate, family, community, or world, must first be in a joyous place. Then you’re more whole, more complete, more present. If you’re only 10% present, there’s only a little part of you to love. And it may well be the most tarnished part.

Compassion from a dejected soul brings down the recipient. Buddha was renown for the compassion he felt for all living things. That compassion sprang from his heart when he became enlightened and wholly himself.

We’re all conditioned with the expectation that loving someone means to think of them first, which is of course in stark contrast to the Tantra ideals we’ve explained. Are you the primary one who’s responsible for your beloved’s feelings, reactions, and happiness? Most relationships, after the initial honeymoon, settle in to a parade of resentments focused on the other person…

— “What you said hurt me.”

— “If you loved me you would have done it.”

— “I don’t know if I can forgive you for felling that way.”

All of these are based on unexpressed expectations. Tantra teaches us to approach each new moment without expectation. Certainly we have desires and intentions, especially of the ones we love. But walking into any situation with the requirement that it follows certain rules or ends with defined outcomes is a surefire prescription for frustration. Which too often results in us blaming our beloved.

As a result of surviving lots of struggles and eventually finding some happiness, I’ve settled on what to me is a primary Tantric rule of relationships, ”Look at yourself and things get better, look at the other and they get worse.”

Looking after yourself isn’t selfish. It’s the most giving thing you can do to maintain your aware, vibrant, loving spiritual center.

This is how Tantric personal responsibility becomes the springboard for honest communication, deeper intimacy, and the hottest sex of your life. Instead of being dependent on your mate’s struggles, successes, and swings of mood, you become more and more stable yourself. Then there’s more of you to love, be loving, and uplift the one you care the most about.


That’s a little about the Tantric approach to merging love, sex, and spirit.

Tantric lovemaking is as much about harnessing your sexual energy consciously as it is about sexual techniques. You reach more intense levels of ecstasy by accessing the huge inner reservoirs of untapped power that lie dormant within. When you make love Tantrically, you maximize the flow of orgasmic energy within you and between you and your lover.

Learning Tantric lovemaking can help you become the blissful, playful, energetic lover you were born to be. A lover who has the desire and capacity for making love last for hours. A lover who gives and receives untold pleasure and stronger ecstasy regardless of your gender or sexual preference.

One thing that sets a Tantric relationship apart is how much sexual ecstasy you can create and how long you can make it last. Ecstasy is the overwhelming feeling of excitement, joy, and happiness that produces a trancelike state of euphoric rapture.

Whatever your gender identity and sexual preferences, you still need to blend masculine and feminine energies. All bodies have the potential for awakening your inner Shiva and your inner Shakti. It takes finding all parts of yourself to do this.

That’s the Tantric prescription for ecstatic love, sex, and spiritual connection.




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