Solo Sexual Energy Circles

lhtlmcover4 One of the advanced ecstatic practices in our new ebook Long Hot Tantric Love Making is creating energy circles. We’re of course referring to channels of orgasmic energy or what the ancients dubbed kundalini.

An energy circle is a loop of kundalini between two lovers. For example, when your jewels (genitals) are stroking and your hands are on each other’s heart, passion can cycle back and forth between your jewel and hand channels. Or when you’re making love and looking into each other’s eyes, a similar circular flow can really boost your excitement.

Our new ebook also encourages all lovers to self-pleasure. Making love to yourself with your hands or toys, though different, generates lots of kundalini, too. And it’s a great way to learn what moves your energy so you can guide your lover to help you reach higher orgasmic peaks.

So I was self-pleasuring the other day and found my body filling with bristling kundalini all over. That was when I inadvertently did something I’d never done consciously before: I touched my feet together. Instantly a new channel opened and kundalini streamed down my legs, from one foot to another, and back upwards. If you’ve every felt orgasmic energy streaming inside your body, you realize how ecstatic that can be.

Then I tried it while Jeffre and I were making love and once again it boosted the flow of passion inside me. Come to think of it, sometimes we’ve gotten extra turned-on when our feet have touched but we never really concentrated on it. I think we have a fun new thing to practice. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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