My Balls, A New Erogenous Zone?

We make a big deal in our new Long Hot Tantric Love Making ebook about “add-ons.”  Those are erogenous zones that you stimulate while making love. Some common examples are kissing and breast play during jewel union. (We call the genitals “jewels” so this is our Tantric name for intercourse.)

One of my favorites is ball brushing.  You know, lightly scratching or caressing the testicles. For me and most guys too much sudden pressure hurts so I’m just talking about gentle brushing. It really boosts the excitement in my jewels while thrusting in and out.

Add-ons open channels that orgasmic energy can flow in and spread to more parts of the body.  They activate other erogenous zones in addition to the main ones involved in other kinds of jewel sex  Erogenous zones, by the way, are sensitive areas of the body that turn you on when played with. In our new ebook we’ve mapped out all 28 of the primary ones and dozens of erotic things to do with each.

Maybe the most important add-on for women is clitoral play during jewel union. Certainly that’s a female erogenous zone you don’t want to leave out if orgasms are important to her.

Anyway, ball brushing has really been adding great passion to jewel union, receiving blowjobs, and self-pleasuring. I guess the old rule about practice makes perfect is at work here,  My balls have been getting more and more sensitive and generating more and more turn-on.

And then a couple of weeks ago I discovered that ball brushing was catapulting me to high peaks of pleasure all by itself. Now I haven’t actually come this way alone but that’s not something I do very often anyway.

Tantric LoveMaking is all about making it last by generating and maintaining more sexual energy. Add-Ona during sex helps.  Now me and my partners have something fun to do with a fee hand while we’re doing it. I wonder what other parts of my body I can activate?

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