Intersecting Erogenous Zones (X-Rated)

The Joy of Rubbing 2 Pleasure Spots Together

Making love last night I realized how hot it was when two of our 28 erogenous zones intersected so well.

Alert: Adult Content

The simple version is that my vajra (Tantric for penis) was rubbing her G-Spot inside her yoni (vagina). And it was way good.

But understanding where all your erogenous zones are and how they interact requires some explanation. It all starts with the right kind of initial entry.

The “right kind” means making sure the woman is thoroughly turned on first. Otherwise barging in hastily doesn’t excite her yoni’s nine inner erogenous zones. The first strokes of a vajra inside a yoni need to be slow, measured, and conscious. In fact, first penetration is so important that we’ve devoted a whole illustrated chapter to it in our new Long Hot Tantric Love Making ebook.

OK, so I entered her this way one inch, then two inches, then more in small steps. A yoni needs time to adjust, expand, and surround a hard visitor. After a few minutes I was thrusting deep but still slowly. This is one of her favorite strokes at any stage, but early on I’ve found it’s important to make sure all her sensitive tissues are awake and reaching for more pleasure.

One of the 17 principles of orgasm that our new ebook is built around deals with variety. Most of the time, women (and some men at certain times) prefer that you change things up. Otherwise their tissues get acclimated to the intense stimulating and stretching that vajra stroking produces. Pleasure spots don’t remain erogenous when they’re numb or even worse uncomfortable.

So as we moved past the cautious stage of initial entry, I began searching for sweets spots and sweet rhythms more aggressively. But I certainly kept varying vajra’s thrusts using the five stroking variables that Long Hot Tantric Love Making illustrate in color.

Because of the relative sizes of our organs, my vajra can prod the three deepest orgasmic triggers inside her yoni. Sure, that takes some creative adjustment of sexual positions and strokes, but her squeals and spasms confirmed that it was worth it. By the way, matching genital sizes and adjusting sex postures is an important element of our new ebook adapted from the Kama Sutra.

Now we can get to the meat of the matter. Last night I found that sometimes some shallower thrusts produced an even stronger reaction. By that I mean her breathing was deeper, her moans were louder, and she was pushing her pelvis towards me to guide the action. Her orgasmic responses alerted me to the fact that something real good was happening.

By paying close attention I realized that these shallower strokes made vajra’s corona tamp and rub her G-Spot. Those are the two erogenous zones that were intersecting. The corona is the ridge around vajra’s head that’s way sensitive.

And her G-Spot, well, that’s a bit more complicated. It’s not actually one well-defined spot like other sex organs like her clitoris or his balls.

Actually what we all call her G-Spot is located in the spongy, erectile tissue that surrounds her urethra, the tube that expels urine from the bladder. It’s erectile because it contains a couple dozen teeny little glands similar to a man’s prostate gland. When treated right the little glands swell and the whole area puffs up. That makes it much more responsive to a vajra’s (or a finger’s or toy’s) ministrations.

That’s what was happening with these shorter shallower sexual strokes. The firm ridge around vajra’s head was poking and massage her swollen G-Spot.

That’s definitely one of our favorite things about penetrative sex. When a real excitable spot on my body is exciting a really sensitive spot on her body. We don’t have to ignore our own pleasure to make sure our playmate is getting what gets them off.

Of course, since there are 28 erogenous zones — 19 around a woman’s genitals and 9 around a man’s — there are so many more intersections to explore. I wish you lots of fun exploring.

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