How I Proved That Size Doesn’t Matter That Much

After a little spat that turned our afternoon delight love bomb into a dud yesterday, we had a yummy MNF last night.  No, not Monday Night Football. We watched that recording the day before. To us MNF means Middle of the Night Fuck. It’s kind of rare for us because it doesn’t really fit our biorhythms. But it was hot and healing.

Being unusual, it was kinda a quickie, only half an hour. The interesting thing was that my erection was way fluky. Fortunately I was firm enough to enter and stroke. So it didn’t get in the way of our pleasure much because we’re both very adept at adapting. There’s a chapter about soft penetration in our new ebook Long Hot Tantric Love Making which we made full use of. More about that in another post.

At times my vajra (penis) shrunk to nearly half its erect length and girth. When I’m totally hard I’m a little over the national average of about six inches. Last night Mr. Happy cycled from seven down to three and everywhere in between.

And yet my sweetie was obviously still having a great time — as I was. She was breathing deep, making lots of ooos, and ahs, and even a few “oh gods” now and then. At her loudest peaks I could feel her yoni (vagina) muscles spasming, too. Most dramatic was her body shivering when I thrust (sometimes with the help of a Hand Assist).

For sure I wasn’t reaching the deepest of the nine erogenous zones inside her yoni. But I was obviously hitting the other ones with great gusto. (See my other posts about all of a woman’s erogenous zones if you don’t where they all are.)

I’m posting this to reassure any lovers who have smaller or unreliable organs like I do at times. It reminds me of a dear friend and lover (way well endowed, by the way) who would give up in frustration if he wasn’t rock hard. I hope he’s reading this and voys to use his big soft tool whenever he can. And you too.

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