How We Routinely Do Strange Sex After 20 Years (X-Rated)

You might wonder how, after making love two or three thousand times, we found a new sex position. I guess it just comes with being so hot for each other after 20 years. When you routinely have the best sex of your life, that’s easy to maintain.

Warning: Explicit Sexuality

Because I couldn’t wait for our typical sensuous warm-up, we started out with some luscious pussy licking. But she was as ravenous as me and shifted around so she could suck my cock at the same time with us both on our sides. Sometimes 69 is just the perfect foreplay, don’t you think?

I don’t want to mislead you. These things aren’t strange for us. But the position we morphed into was.

I slid down until the head of my vajra (penis) could rub her wet engorged pussy lips. I’d never had this urge before. Well, I’d done it a lot of other configurations but never in this awkward position with our feet in each others’ faces.

Using a Hand Assist I masssged her yoni (vagina) with vajra’s head for many minutes, making us both moan and shake with glee. At first, penetration didn’t seem likely. But we were both craving what we call Jewel Union. I sure was. And it became clear what she wanted when she said forcefully, “Can you stick it in already?”

You know when the creator invented the intercourse arrangement of bodies, he or she figured the naturally uprising male tool would enter from below and ascend. But we were in the opposite configuration.

With some freative flexibility and pelvic rotations on both our parts, we did it! Sure, vajra had to flex way down but it was worth it. Except a couple times when I withdrew too far and he popped out. But we don’t suffer from Fallout Syndrome which makes some lovers freak a bit when their jewels disconnect. We just take it as a great opportunity for a little more pussy massage before reentry.

One ancient name for this sexual posture is the Windmill. But we call it Reverse Scissors. It was way hot but we couldn’t keep it up for long. That didn’t stop us from finding more exciting ways both new and old to have lots more fun. For example, did you ever have an insatiable urge to break from the old in-and-out and go oral? Well, we both did several times.

We changed positions much more often than usual. I guess it was the raging lust that was driving us. Maybe that’s why I got a special surprise at my back door.

In the regular Scissors Position I rotated my upper leg across her chest. I wasn’t just trying to bang her breast with my knee which she liked if I was gentle enough. I was also trying to aim vajra’s strokes into the deep erogenous zone in her yoni called the Cul-De-Sac. Thrusts there way up past her cervix produce some delightful prodding of her uterus. They’ve been known to create unusually powerful orgasms.

When she reached to put a finger in my rosetta (asshole), it a led up my turn-on tremendously. But it was a long stretch for her while our jewels (genitals) were pummeling away at each other. If you’ve read any of our books you know that physical discomfort can retard the flow of orgasmic energy. So she grabbed a long vibrating dildo and found it easier to massage my sensitive orifice. What a turn-on!

What can we learn from this spontaneous coupling? Well, follow your whims. Both ask permission and then go for what you want. Use a lot of variety and creativity in your lovemaking.

And don’t rush towards the Big O. See how much pleasure you create for each other before you explode in a blaze of glory.

Love, Somraj

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