Getting Back to Orgasms

Well, that will teach me to take a long summer wilderness camping vacation and ignore my blog. Seems we’ve been hacked. I wonder why. Oh, well. I’ll clean up the junk and get back to posting now that we’re home and getting ready for winter

Yes, as the Starks from Game of Thrones remind us, winter is coming  We even had 4 inches of snow here in Lake Tahoe already this week.

To kick off the Fall Orgasmic Sex season, I suggest you read this great article from the Sex research team at Columbia University. I considered going there for grad school when I was a chemist so I it has a special place in my heart. Or head maybe.

Here’s the link…

Male and female orgasm — different? | A startling thorough and up-to-date review of orgasm | Go Ask Alice!


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