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blogpplpr032We invite you to get involved in our new Orgasmic Sex Discussion Board. Do you have questions about sex? Do you want more, easier, and stronger orgasms? Do you want to try what other adventurous lovers are doing? Join the dialogue in our explicit blog for open sharing of sexual questions and erotic encounters. This is our adult educational journal where you can post what’s up in your sex life. Or what’s down. We’ll post our experiences and encourage you to do the same. Did you have a great time list night? A lousy time? A troubling time? Tell us in graphic detail and we’ll respond. And we encourage everyone else to comment, too. Click here to join in.

lhtlmcover4If you want more orgasms — easier, longer, stronger, and multiple ones — download our comprehensive Long Hot Tantric Love Making ebook now. Our ultimate how-to guide to heart-connected sexual intercourse is your lifelong manual about oral sex, anal sex, and sex by hand for men and women, singles and couples, straight and gay, young and old. To overflow with love, reach amazing peaks of ecstasy, and explode every time with bone-rattling fireworks, you need to discover your hidden pleasure triggers to total turn-on and your dormant pathways to all twelve types of orgasm. Our new erotic guide is the permanent fix to sexual frustration for women who struggle with climaxing and for their partners. Our exposė is as much a diary of our actual sexual discoveries as it is an explicit easy-to-follow program of step-by-step instructions to teach you everything you ever wanted to know about making extended passionate love. More details here.

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  1. Findng the right sex position for you can take a little while. Some people like it ‘vanilla’ whilst others really like to bend over backwards! We actually asked Dr Kat Smith to guest post on Singles Warehouse sharing 20 Sex Positions You Really Should Try. Some of the nations favs were quite interesting!

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