Down With Mental Pollution

What mental pollution do you allow in your emotional space? I’m very selective about what I let in to my inner bull pen.

Meanwhile I’m learning fascinating things about the modern world while building an uplifting Twitter following to promote my orgasmic sex blog and new Tantric ebook.

Like how many singles and couples travel full time and blog about it.

Like how many submissives aren’t the least bit shy about how hard they try to please their masters.

Like how many artists offer their work online. Like how many openly LGBTQ people there are today.

Like how many twenty somethings who emote wildly have tens of thousands of followers.

Like how many people of all ages are so openly graphic, i.e. loving hard dicks, enjoying masturbating, saying fuck and such.

And then there are the lovers who want everyone to know how awesome their partners are.

What a world!  Of course, I stay away from haters and Trump denouncements.

What do you think would happen to you if you focused on good news, exciting progress, and upbeat human interest stories? See, I’m following my own advice by not saying fuck the media.

Whoops! I think I just contradicted myself. Sorry.