Do Orgasms Knit Energy?

One of my FaceBook friends, Nico, asked me the following question…

“Hi Somraj, am I right in thinking that when a woman orgasms that her energies knit with the male?”

Well, yes, Nico, that’s very possible. But in my experience it’s not guaranteed. More like a personal choice. Let me explain a bit more.

We all live in an energy field that the movements in our body creates — nerve impulses, blood flow, breathing, etc.  I call this bioenergetic field your BioField. When you’re having sex and your bodies are so close, your BioFields typically merge, at least to some degree.

But we all have limits to our comfort zone of letting others into our personal space.
During la petite mort, the French name for orgasm that means “the little death,” we all tend to lose the tight reins on our protecting our personal space. In modern usage this refers to “the brief loss or weakening of consciousness” that climax triggers.

So yes, women may open their channels more and flood you with sexual energy. Or even draw some of your suble life force in.

In fact, there were ancient Chinese schools that taught women to siphon off the lifeforce of men for their own power and longevity. Not something we advocate.

I remember picking up a woman at an upper west side meat market bar in New York. I really wanted to hook up with her hot girlfriend but she was hanging all over my boss. So my date took me to a closet-sized apartment infested with cockroaches. I wasn’t into her (well, ok, I did get it into her just long enough to come) and wanted to get out of there as fast as possible. Partly because I could feel her not being into me or letting me into her BioField much

That was decades before I learned the Tantric art of long energy merging.

Now I know about connecting at multiple levels first — heart, mind, soul — so that we’re both comfortable, desired, and excited to welcome each other inside.

With a little training and practice, all lovers can learn to harness and flow their orgasmic energy even before orgasm. You do this by filling your Pleasure Balloons, opening Passion Circuits, and connecting physical and psychic Energy Circkes between you.

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Thanks for the insightful question, Nico.  I hope this helps or at least gets you started on the path to figuring it all out

Love, Somraj

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