Cervical and Other Types of Women’s Orgasms

Matt: Is there a new way to describe cervical orgasms that moves away from David Deida?

Somraj: Thanks for the question, Matt. Could you be more specific? What about David Deida’s description are you asking about?

Matt: He had broken orgasm two three levels: clitoral, vaginal and cervical with cervical being the most deep/profound. I guess I’m asking if there’s better/newer language to describe the deepest level. Maybe a better question is how do you describe the deepest level?

Somraj: Well there’s nothing really definitive about the whole subject. Scientific research is ongoing. Different women describe different kinds of orgasms different, like clitoral being sharp or superficial, and g-spot being deeper and spreading. But I’ve read the opposite as well. There are fewer commentaries on cervical ones but they tend to refer to uterine jostling which creates a deeper and more profound experience. Your question seems to be aimed towards the physical experience. In Tantric Sex we focus on and expand the sensations created by the flow and flood of sexual energy. Those perceptions are even more all over the map, which in my opinion is a good thing. More up to a lover’s preferences and creativity. (If you don’t mind, I’m going to post your question and this answer, any any subsequent dialogue, on my blog at TantraAtTahoe.com/blog.)

Here are some excerpts from my latest ebook, Long Hot Tantric Love Making, on different vaginal orgasms…

Yonigasms (Orgasms in Yoni, or Vagina)

As wonderful as Cliogasms are (a orgasm from the clio or clitoris), climaxes induced inside yoni have their own special qualities. The exact role that the womb and G-Crest (G-Spot) play in Yonigasms is still under scientific study. The Singers and others have written that pure yoni orgasms occur in the uterus as a result of jostling the cervix. Some believe the G-Crest is the physical pathway to yonigasm. Though there hasn’t been any extensive study comparing G-Crest, cervical, A-Spot, and Cul-De-Sac orgasms, we believe the effects are similar. Though research is still underway today, some things are clear.

Many women find that yonigasms last longer than Cliogasms on average. Some report that they commonly last 45 seconds, while others say they can go on for many minutes. We’ve read up to 20 minutes, 30 minutes, and even 40 minutes. Thirty per cent of the women studied claim that they can have a Big O from penetration that targets the G-Crest alone.

Yonigasms tend to be deeper and more emotional than those of the shorter Cliogasm variety. Women say that Yonigasms aren’t rhythmic but create constant waves that spread out from the pulsing cuff. When fully engaged, they more strongly impact the deep pelvic muscles including the big muscles of the uterus.

In contrast, there are women who describe Yonigasms as further down in the body but less intense than Cliogasms. It feels like a pressure slowing building that explodes deep inside, expanding throughout the entire body. One sexologist called this the “leg shaker.”

Cervical Orgasms

Some women find that contact with their cervix is extremely uncomfortable, even painful, especially during certain times of the month. But those who have healed and awakened this sensitive tissue at the bottom of the uterus can experience unique and powerful orgasms. Climaxes triggered in the cervix have been described as connecting a woman with her second heart and her inner self. We’ve heard that they cause women to laugh, cry, erupt in joy, and get catapulted into a pure bliss zone.

Because they produce a lot of heat and a shower of stars, cervical orgasms tend to feel different than sharp peaks of pleasure. And cause metabolic responses stronger than cliogasms. Because they cause kundalini to rise up, they feel more like an expansion into a seemingly endless flow.

We’ve also heard that reverse tenting occurs with cervical orgasms. That’s when deep yoni contracts and yoni’s mouth relaxes as the cervix opens and closes. The release of the thick viscous fluid that accompanies this kind of climax may contribute to the sucking feeling that possibly draws sperm into the womb.

The Taoists believed that there are three gates to orgasm: clio, G-Crest, and cervix. Maybe that’s why they recommended awakening the G-Crest first. How that applies to their other suggestion, the screwing technique, is not clear. They said that making small spirals of the sacrum, shaking the hips, and undulating the spine in wavelike motions made climaxing easier. We find that moving vajra’s (penis’s) head or a dildo side to side across the cervix is effective, too.

Being so uniquely intense, there may well be a little-understood connection between cervical orgasm and giving birth. Some women have shared that this most challenging event of their lives has been one of the most orgasmic. We have a dear friend, a mother of four, who can attest to enjoying intense climaxes while her children were born or when breast feeding. If you’ve ever seen a woman come when being fisted (having her yoni penetrated by an entire hand), you can begin to understand what’s happening.

3 thoughts on “Cervical and Other Types of Women’s Orgasms

  1. I have discovered a very deep Orgasm with men of very specific penises. It is a boney penis, not necessarily long or fat. Because I’m a sexologist and know a bit about my own physical configuration, I believe it is a “cul de sac” Orgasm which you find just behind the cervix. It is a deep twisting kind of penetrating feeling that is like no other. I have had many partners over the years and find this kind of penis to be very rare. I have not been able to replicate this feeling with any other kind of penis or dildo. Hope this adds something to your repertoire.

  2. As a multi-orgasmic woman, I have experienced many kinds of orgasms, much like Somraj describes. When I was younger and had a cervix, I had amazing deep orgasms that seemed to spread in all directions. I was concerned that when I had a complete hysterectomy and my cervix was removed, the yummy internal orgasm would end. However, even without a cervix my deep and yummy orgasms remain unaffected. Each woman is different, of course, and each sexual encounter is full of surprises. It’s Tantric, after all.

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