Sliding Up and Down That Alluring Crack (X-Rated)

Don’t you agree that there’s something about a woman’s crack that is just so irresistible?

It’s my honey’s birthday month which means we celebrate a lot. Like an impromptu date after an afternoon dog walk in the rain screwing up our eminently skiable snow.

After some luscious slow caresses that got both our motors running, she scratched my back sensuously and I did hers. I don’t easily get hard there days from any old thing like I did when I was younger (from 15 to 55). But I was now.

Mostly due to the view of her tempting crack beteeen her shapely cheeks.

In Tantric Love Making we don’t always follow the same rote agenda so I let my whimsy lead. I just had this urge to slide my hard shaft up and down that alluring rear cleavage.

I’ve probably done something like this a couple times before. But after making love a few thousand times in our 20 years together, who’s counting? But don’t automatically assume this was a not-so-subtle plea for anal sex.

It was just my pulsing urge to caress her warm wet, tender crack with my bulging cockhead. No other agenda. Just gently insinuate my manhood between her inner thighs, across her perineum (between her two orifices), between her lips, and across her clio (clitoris).

With a little lube to grease the skids, I slowly probed further and further. No rush, no hurry, no goal. Just enjoying the sweet sensations of the slow journey.

Now in Tantra we do most everything with mutual consent. So I didn’t assume this would go on for long or lead to anything more. It was her squeals of delight and heavy breathing that gave me the go-ahead to carry on for maybe ten or fifteen minutes

We call this a yoni massage. That’s our word for vulva and vagina. Just not with a hand in this case.

I wasn’t particularly surprised when she got more and more turned on and wetter and wetter. But whe she started pushing back, I knew we were heading deeper.

Each time my slippery purple head crossed yoni’s mouth, she thrust towards me. Though her burning desire for penetration was clear, at first I didn’t change anything. She was taking the lead so I followed.

OK, maybe I involuntary slowed my crossing strokes a bit to facilitate entry. And magically it started to happen. It seemed like her yoni’s lips spread, reached out, sucked me in, and engulfed me.

Again, it was her thing so I didn’t succumb to my deep seated guy urge to go wild all at once. You know, as fast and hard as I could. Instead I followed her rhythm and let her pelvic rocking dictate how deep my hardon penetrated.

The Kama Sutra probably has some poetic name for this sexual position like Humping Turtles or Sliding Porpoises. Or maybe the Beast With One Back. But I just call it the Rear Surrounding Position with my legs outisde of hers and my pelvis squishing her butt. Delightful.

What’s great about this position is that it hits her G-Spot directly on every in-stroke. And prods a couple other inner erogenious zones. (You can see how to hit them all in our new ebook Long Hot Tantric Love Making.)

Of course it’s so tight that I had to be extra vigilant that I didn’t come too soon. It was easily that stimulating for me. But fortunately she wasn’t in a hurry either. So we leisurely undulated for many minutes until our bodies needed a change.

We moved on to other fun things. But this is what I wanted to share with you now.

Let your whims loose. Enjoy every sensation. Follow each other’s energy. It may well lead to a kind of luscious coupling you never could have anticipated.

Until the play by play from our next date.

Love, Somraj

Female Orgasm, What’s A Trained Man Got To Do With It?

We just got back from a weekend sex party with two of our best friends.

As much as we all love heartfelt spiritual sex, it became clear that even multiply orgasmic women have limits. It takes a lot of sexual energy to maintain a high level of passion over the course of multiple rounds of lovemaking for two days.

Men who have ejaculatory orgasms are even more limited. You drain more than your family jewels when you come too early in what I guess some might call an orgy. We call it a sacred family journey.

To have this much fun for so long we do the Tantric thing of focusing on higher and higher levels of pleasure without pushing for orgasm. We all experienced many of the 12 types of orgasms you can read about and learn to practice in our new ebook Long Hot Tantric Love Making.

But most of them were Tantric energy orgasms. These are crescendos of sensation that make us shiver, shake, and scream without the depleting play-ending explosions.

Women who enjoy these marathons more easily shift their perspective from instant gratification to extended ecstasy. More easily than the average male lover. Females we know who enjoy these kinds of lengthy sessions depend on what they call a “trained man.

That’s a male lover who is the master of his own orgasms as well as a devoted servant of their partner’s pathways to climax. Certainly trained men learn to overcome premature ejaculation. But more importantly, that advanced degree denotes that the man can tune into what his partner wants and needs at each moment.

Though I’m blessed to be a trained man, I’m more grateful to my beloved and other Tantric women who’ve educated me and guided me to help them reach such intense heights of turn-on for so long.

Towards the end of our party I noticed that we were all hovering on the edge of big explosions again and again. That started me ruminating about who was really in charge of my partner’s orgasms. Was it something I needed to do or something they did consciously? During a break I was inspired to ask “It’s not really up to me if you come, is it?”

After some chatting and reflection each woman gave a resounding “Yes, that’s right, I was near the edge over and over all night. But I had to decide when I was ready and then make myself leap off the cliff myself.”

Undoubtedly female orgasms are many times more complex than male ones. There are so many things that have to work right for her and so many things he needs to do. Otherwise he can really screw up her chances of coming big time.

That’s why most women need a trained man to assist them in exploding in a blaze of glory when making love with a partner.

To learn about all the factors, we’ve written a special report entitled “How Women Can Orgasm More Easily.” You can get it for FREE here when you register for our monthly Sacred Sexual Secrets newsletter.



Love, Somraj

Intersecting Erogenous Zones (X-Rated)

The Joy of Rubbing 2 Pleasure Spots Together

Making love last night I realized how hot it was when two of our 28 erogenous zones intersected so well.

Alert: Adult Content

The simple version is that my vajra (Tantric for penis) was rubbing her G-Spot inside her yoni (vagina). And it was way good.

But understanding where all your erogenous zones are and how they interact requires some explanation. It all starts with the right kind of initial entry.

The “right kind” means making sure the woman is thoroughly turned on first. Otherwise barging in hastily doesn’t excite her yoni’s nine inner erogenous zones. The first strokes of a vajra inside a yoni need to be slow, measured, and conscious. In fact, first penetration is so important that we’ve devoted a whole illustrated chapter to it in our new Long Hot Tantric Love Making ebook.

OK, so I entered her this way one inch, then two inches, then more in small steps. A yoni needs time to adjust, expand, and surround a hard visitor. After a few minutes I was thrusting deep but still slowly. This is one of her favorite strokes at any stage, but early on I’ve found it’s important to make sure all her sensitive tissues are awake and reaching for more pleasure.

One of the 17 principles of orgasm that our new ebook is built around deals with variety. Most of the time, women (and some men at certain times) prefer that you change things up. Otherwise their tissues get acclimated to the intense stimulating and stretching that vajra stroking produces. Pleasure spots don’t remain erogenous when they’re numb or even worse uncomfortable.

So as we moved past the cautious stage of initial entry, I began searching for sweets spots and sweet rhythms more aggressively. But I certainly kept varying vajra’s thrusts using the five stroking variables that Long Hot Tantric Love Making illustrate in color.

Because of the relative sizes of our organs, my vajra can prod the three deepest orgasmic triggers inside her yoni. Sure, that takes some creative adjustment of sexual positions and strokes, but her squeals and spasms confirmed that it was worth it. By the way, matching genital sizes and adjusting sex postures is an important element of our new ebook adapted from the Kama Sutra.

Now we can get to the meat of the matter. Last night I found that sometimes some shallower thrusts produced an even stronger reaction. By that I mean her breathing was deeper, her moans were louder, and she was pushing her pelvis towards me to guide the action. Her orgasmic responses alerted me to the fact that something real good was happening.

By paying close attention I realized that these shallower strokes made vajra’s corona tamp and rub her G-Spot. Those are the two erogenous zones that were intersecting. The corona is the ridge around vajra’s head that’s way sensitive.

And her G-Spot, well, that’s a bit more complicated. It’s not actually one well-defined spot like other sex organs like her clitoris or his balls.

Actually what we all call her G-Spot is located in the spongy, erectile tissue that surrounds her urethra, the tube that expels urine from the bladder. It’s erectile because it contains a couple dozen teeny little glands similar to a man’s prostate gland. When treated right the little glands swell and the whole area puffs up. That makes it much more responsive to a vajra’s (or a finger’s or toy’s) ministrations.

That’s what was happening with these shorter shallower sexual strokes. The firm ridge around vajra’s head was poking and massage her swollen G-Spot.

That’s definitely one of our favorite things about penetrative sex. When a real excitable spot on my body is exciting a really sensitive spot on her body. We don’t have to ignore our own pleasure to make sure our playmate is getting what gets them off.

Of course, since there are 28 erogenous zones — 19 around a woman’s genitals and 9 around a man’s — there are so many more intersections to explore. I wish you lots of fun exploring.

And if you want a how-to manual to guide your fun, download a copy of Long Hot Tantric Love Making right now by clicking here

Combo Strokes: Using 2 Fingers for Erotic Massage (X-Rated)

ALERT: This is explicit adult material.

There are dozens of ways to give your women’s yoni (vulva & vagina) an erotic massage. Like polishing clio’s pearl (the head of the clitoris) with your fingerpad or using the Come Hither stroke inside on her G-Spot.

In our new ebook Long Hot Tantric Love Making, we show you how to use all of these strokes to trigger the 10 erogenous zones around a women’s outer yoni and the 9 inside. At least the ones you can reach. Some are so deep that most lovers need a sex toy or a hard-on to hit them.

As a guy who’s been socially-programmed to go for it, I used to gravitate towards harder and faster stroking and pumping. Watching porn only reinforced that misguided approach to female pleasure. Now that I’ve been carefully trained by Tantric goddesses, I know that tender and gentle is often more exciting. Especially at the start.

You might ask, if we’re not jackhammering away, how do we reach higher states of ecstasy with Tantric sex?

One answer is that trained Tantric adepts open each pleasure channel much wider than the average lover. (How to do that is a much bigger subject than we can address in a little blog post.) And when you’ve got one sexual electricity conduit pumping surging tides of excitement, you open another one. And connect them in a Passion Circuit inside one body or with an Energy Circle between two bodies.

So when I stumbled upon several super-intense Combo Strokes lately, I knew I was on to something. A Combo Stroke is when you use two fingers on different spots in or around your sweetie’s yoni at the same time. This is usually easier when the fingers are on different hands, but with some dexterity you can use two fingers from the same hand. When you’re triggering turn-on with two sensitive areas at once, the sexual energy naturally flows back and forth between them. Not only do the sensations in each place get intensified, but they often spread to fill the whole body.

Certainly there are several Combo Strokes described in our new ebook. But with 19 feminine erogenous zones and several finger strokes to titillate each of them, we’ve found that detailing them all in one place is just too overwhelming.  So I was thinking that it would be better to share a few every so often. Like right here right now.

Recently we were making love both on our sides in the Scissors Position. (She’s on her back, I’m on my side at right angles with our legs entwined.) I noticed that my index finger was polishing her pearl while my middle finger was massaging clio’s base. That’s the soft area underneath. Her moaning and bucking convinced me this was an excellent technique

A couple weeks later I moved my middle finger down to rub her outlet. That’s the opening of the urethra just above yoni’s mouth. Some women really get off on playing with the outlet since it’s the external tip of the erectile tissue of the G-Spot.

You realize that I was stimulating at least three of her erogenous zones at the same time, right? If the picture isn’t clear, I’m referring to two fingers at work while one hard-on was thrusting in and out.

One of my darling’s favorite erotic massage techniques is rubbing her G-Spot plus her clio at the same time. I can’t tell you exactly what configuration your fingers should be in because their length and the locations of the erogenous zones are different in all women. Sometimes I use my thumb and middle finger. Damn, I guess that means you have to experiment and practice to figure it out. One of our favorite things, I might add.

She was really enjoying this two-finger approach a few times ago when she reached for her favorite Pocket Rocket vibrator. Since she directed that to her clio, I moved my index finder to her outlet. If you’ll permit the questionable language, that was a delightful three-pronged approach. But without any penile penetration.

Combo Strokes are not for the faint of heart. Or clumsy unpracticed lover. You need to monitor what’s going on with each distinct erogenous zone at the same time. And coordinate your movements with what each prefers in each moment. A little demanding, wouldn’t you agree?

But when you’re present, skilled, and in sync with your partner, the sky isn’t the limit. You can get much higher than that.

If you want the whole picture, download our  Long Hot Tantric Love Making ebook by clicking here. Then you can develop your own masterful repertoire of Combo Strokes perfectly suited to your lover(s) unique yoni.

One Easy Tip For Lasting Longer While Thrusting Inside (X-Rated)

Used to be it didn’t take me too many sexual thrusts before I came. While engaged last night I realized how far I’ve come. I mean what I learned so I don’t come until we’re both ready.

To overcome premature ejaculation one thing sexologists recommend is gauging your arousal on a 10-point scale. At 1 you don’t feel much and at 10 you explode. When you get too close, you change your thrusts or rhythm or stop if necessary. (This is one of the techniques in my Male Multiple Orgasm book.

I was pretty sensitive last night and rapidly reached an 8. Without thinking I naturally did one thing my book suggests, namely I shifted  the depth of my vajra’s (penis’s) strokes.

You see, Jeffre’s tight yoni (vagina) sphincters were rubbing and squeezing two sensitive erogenous zones on vajra’s head and crown. At that early point in our lovemaking this was pushing me too close to the edge approaching 10.

So I started thrusting deeper which redirected her muscle spasms around the shaft and base of my erection. Typically after about a half hour of thrusting these pleasure zones become much more responsive. But at this early point it just felt good and not overwhelming.

Though I pulled out to that most exciting sweet spot occasionally to give us both an intense jolt, I stayed deeper for the next few minutes to regulate my excitement. Sometimes I thrust all the way in hitting one of her three deepest erogenous zones which stimulated the three in the end of my vajra.

Of course, lots more happened. But I wanted to give you a taste of how I manage my turn-on so we can both have as much fun as we want and still be able to target a Big O when we’re both ready.

By the way, hitting all 28 male and female erogenous zones is a central theme of my new Long Hot Tantric Love Making ebook. Learn more about it (or download it instantly) in our free online guided tour by clicking here.

Love, Somraj

P.S. I’d love to read your comments or questions about all of this.