I Wonder Why My Anal Sexercise Last Night Was Different

Last night I truly appreciated two wonderful advantages of helping my honey reach orgasm. The obvious one is how great it felt when the one I love exploded in ecstasy in response to my erection stroking inside her. The other benefit is that I got a turn in receiving first her fingers and then my favorite vibrator in my rosetta.

Though some call it the rosebud, rosetta is the Tantric term we prefer (so we don’t have to keep writing asshole over and over).

Anal play feels fantastic to me, and not just because of all the nerve endings down there. It’s the prodding and vibrating against my G-Spot that generates such intense sensations. If you understand anything about male genital anatomy, you realize that  the prostate is male orgasm central. This walnut sized gland below the bladder and in front of the rectum is where ejaculation is triggered.

As a result, it’s one of a man’s most sensitive orgasmic triggers. That’s true whether you use the male G-Spot to go for a big wet climax or save it for later like I usually do.

Getting “done”down there didn’t always send me to the moon like it does now. After my yearlong Tantra training, it took me a couple years of regular practice to gradually relax and open to backdoor pleasure. I admit it, I didn’t really need that long, but I was a bit of a hard case. I’m way happy my wife and I persevered in opening what we sometimes call a man’s sacred gate to sexual ecstasy.

Though rosetta penetration always makes me writhe and moan in spectacular pleasure, last night’s ride was somewhat unusual. I didn’t have many extended pleasure highs that often last for dozens of seconds or a minute or two.

Don’t get me wrong, each short peak was wonderful and I had a few dozen of them over the space of nearly an hour. That kind of aerobic sexercise bathed me in sweat and made my throat dry.

After our Long Hot Tantric Love Making ebook teaches how to reach and ride orgasmic peaks, it concentrates on how to make the crests of these pleasure waves last longer. Once you know how to open the valve and let orgasmic electricity flood your body, you naturally want to keep the flow going as long as you can stand such intense sensation.

But last night my excitement kept shooting up and dropping down again quickly.

It was great fun so I’m not complaining. It’s just interesting how different the experience was. Wish I knew what was up. Guess I need to do more deep dark research.


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