Better sex tips are a popular internet search term. If you've come this far through our Better Sex Tip Guided tour, you realize the best better sex tip is to approach your lover with a sacred attitude and consciousness. Sexual pleasure is so much a state of mind and heart that your best better sex tip is to treat your lover as a divine reflection of God or Goddess.

Still, we want this better sex tip page to give you an idea how Tantric Sex differs from average sex. And we want to offer better sex tools as well.

Better Sex Tip 1: Tantric Sex is longer, slower, and more intense than most lovers are used to.

Better Sex Tip 2: Orgasms from Tantric Sex are stronger, longer, and continuous.

Better Sex Tip 3: Tantric Sex lovers are so much more responsive than those untrained in better sex tips. Tantric Sex lovers breath deeply, moan passionately, move sensuously at their partner's every touch.

Release your inhibitions and show your passion and your lover will never wonder what to do or if you're enjoying their attentions.

Better Sex Tip 4: Central on our better sex tip list is basing Tantric Sex on building and expanding sexual energy instead of going for as much turn on as possible ending in a rapid explosion.

Sexual energy, the electromagnetic force your body feels and gives off when aroused, starts as a subtle, fine frequency. But when you flow more and more sexual energy, you get lighter, higher, more easily aroused. Your whole body vibrates with the most exquisite pleasure imaginable. Then you're convinced sexual energy is the most powerful force in the universe.

Better Sex Tip 5: In Tantric Sex, your whole mind, body, and senses become better sex tools. You use words to titillate, all your body parts to turn on, and your presence to merge intently with the consciousness of your partner.

Better Sex Tip 6: At the same time, another better sex tip from Tantra is to learn to welcome sex toys of all kinds. As Samantha said in HBO's Sex & The City... "I'm try sexual. I'll try anything once."

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Better sex tips, tools, or toys won't do you much good unless you actually use them as the next page delves into.



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