Role Playing Fantasies

Fantasies contain huge amounts of latent sexual energy. You do this by agreeing to indulge a fantasy and play it out.

For this to be exciting, you need to choose something you're both at least a little comfortable with that's out of the ordinary. Role-playing transforms you and your lover into new personas in an attempt to leave behind your routine life. If you play yourself, you'll miss out on getting super juiced up.

Mutually agree on who you'll both play in advance so you both have permission. Set some iron-clad boundaries if you want to make it safer. Negotiate what's OK and what's not so neither of you are left feeling out of line or taken advantage of afterwards.

Need some ideas to tickle your fantasies? How about adopting the behavior of an animal. Now is the perfect time to safely unleash some of that tiger or snake lurking inside. Try these on for size...

  • doctor/patient
  • teacher/student
  • duchess/chauffeur
  • lord/maidservant
  • initiator/virgin
  • religious leader (nun?)/parishioner
  • customer/clerk
  • athletic trainer/client.

We find all are wonderful scenarios to experiment with. For a wild partner experience, swap genders and costumes to you enjoy cross-dressing.

Don't Just Push, Break The Envelop

If you want to stretch even further, consider the...

  • brother/sister
  • mother/son
  • father/daughter
  • being with the new young spouse of your mother/father.

Now don't get all bent out of shape if you think some of these are downright immoral. They probably are in many value systems. We're not urging you to actually do them for real with your parents or siblings. Remember, Tantra doesn't advocate any sexual preference or lifestyle. And certainly doesn't encourage you to violate other people's sensibilities or the laws of the land.

This is about you and getting your dormant juices flowing by using your strongest sex organ. We mean your brain.

If you safely role-play scenarios that give you a jolt, you're contacting life forces that are inside you. You're creating a socially-acceptable outlet for pictures, dreams, and fantasies that have power over you. This is how you release their hold over you.

We firmly believe that there would be far less sexual exploitation, abuse, and violence if these natural forces were less repressed and more released.

Since we're in the mood for taking everything a step further, why not click to the next page about B&D and S&M.



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