What's So Spiritual About Sex Games?

Sex is a natural healthy instinct. Yet, we all grow up with a split between sex and spirit, accumulating taboos, guilt, and shame about this inherent part of our human make-up. This unnatural division isn't good for mental health, personal stress, or relationship longevity.

Tantra, which is thousands of years old, is a spiritual practice that seeks to bridge this artificial gap. Tantra says "yes" to whatever gets your juices flowing and brings joy and satisfaction into your life.

Being spiritual, Tantra aims to awaken more of your innate power and raise your consciousness of who you really are. It's all about looking at what's true for you and discarding beliefs you've been fed that don't serve you.

You could meditate on a mountain-top in the Himalayas for twenty years to figure out your own answers. Or you could use the Tantric shortcut to discovering your internal Star Wars' "force" that's simply waiting for you to tap into.

In Tantra, sexual energy is just the vehicle for this kind of exploration. Because it's so potent, and so forbidden, sex approached with fresh creativity and higher awareness becomes a powerful teacher.

That's the spirit of Tantra, exploring hidden life forces that trigger more of what's naturally you. The more you learn and practice, the more you can do it without props. But, hey, we all used training wheels when learning to ride a bike. Maybe you'll really dig something you or you sweetie does and make it perpetual part of your sexual repertoire.

Games Are For Adults Too

The tools and tips we want to offer for your holiday play include adult games, erotic clothing, sexy wear, costumes, fantasies, role-playing, and even a little domination while we're at it. Of course, our favorite is Tantric LovePlay which we'll save for last.

You'll get lots of great turn-on ideas by browsing through the Games category of the Toys section in our Adult Products Store by clicking here.

A few samples of the 42 fun things include playing cards, sex dice, foreplay darts, bathtub love, body finger paints, bachelorette party, romance roulette, pecker toss, and kinky bingo.

You can also find lots of party items here.

Nothing to wear? Don't worry, the next page will fix all that.



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