What Gets Your Sexual Motor Running?

Tantra encourages us to explore anything we desire that awakens our sexual energy. Please don't get all bent out of shape by immediately worrying that we mean you should give in to your dark side. We're not encouraging harassment, abuse, or exposing yourself in public.

Instead, we mean heightening your awareness of the latent dreams and fantasies you've never given voice to. What's the harm in facing up to your fantasies, thinking about juicy experiments you could try, or just talking about erotic dreams with gusto? Since Tantra is first a foremost about consciousness, we firmly believe if you investigate these dormant forces inside you, you won't hurt yourself or anyone else.

Your sexual fantasies harbor great reservoirs of life force energy. Awaken closed off recesses of your spirit by removing the mental chains, at least. If you want, take some baby steps to put your fantasies into action.

Try Some Fantasies, You'll Like It

Try dressing up at parties, acting sexier, and playing roles to explore different sexual personalities. If you get your own and your honey's permission first, you might just like shameless flirting, talking dirty, and being sexually aggressive.

We're talking about any new, exciting, and even kinky roles that appeal to you but haven't had a safe or comfortable outlet.

See, that's what Tantra is all about. Accepting what's percolating inside and letting it out consciously so you can decide if it's really part of the you that you want to be. Tantra -- any time of year -- is about helping you break out of the boxes you live in. Stretching your sexual comfort zone is a powerful way to do just that.

Continue with our Better Sex Guided Tour more some really juicy ideas.



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