Tantra Celebrate To Spice Up Your Sex Life

Too many people mistakenly believe that sex is dirty and unholy. They accept the perverted notion that spiritual pursuits which open your heart and raise your consciousness need to be pure as the driven snow.

Tantra, the ancient Eastern practice of spiritual sex, says the opposite. The truth, practiced for millennia all over the world, is that sex and spirit are intimately connected. Sex is your life force.

We believe that whatever gets your erotic motor running, as long as you're awake and aware, enhances your spirit. Unfortunately, those of us who accept the "sex isn't sacred" brainwashing waste chance after chance to unleash our sexual potential, rekindle the fire in our relationships, and discover who we really are.

Please help us change all that by doing your fair share of Tantric LovePlay.

Any Excuse For Tantric LovePlay

Which is why we celebrate any holiday, birthday, anniversary, full moon, new moon, or heck, any date night. And let's not forget the holy power of the afternoon delight and kitchen-table quickie.

Any occasion is a great opportunity for you to unleash the dormant sexual forces inside you. Tantra teaches us to use the season -- any season -- to spice up our sex life by merging sex and spirit.

What do we mean by merging sex and spirit? We understand that anything that hints of the "spirit world" can raise hackles. Don't worry, we're not trying to convert you into someone your friends will put down as a new age weirdo.

Tantra views our spirit, mind, and body as divine gifts animated by life force energy from a higher power. Which is why it's your spiritual imperative to look after your body, honor your whole self, and seek pleasure in all its forms.

In other words, what you and your honey do with or to each other's bodies is sacred. Isn't sharing ecstasy with the God or Goddess force inside your beloved a form of prayer? As is giving yourself pleasure.

Turning them juices on, boys and girls, now that's spiritual in our book.

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